To give students a better understanding of the health benefits of all over body stretches, Qigong and Tai Chi movements to help with stress release and improve movement, mobility, balance, posture and general wellbeing and promote a healthy lifestyle

We combine Tai Chi (Chen Man Ching short form) and Qigong movements with gentle stretching and strengthening exercises that benefit all parts of the body (i.e. neck, back, shoulders, hips, legs) to help to improve movement, mobility, balance, posture and general wellbeing. We discuss the importance of warm-up before starting to exercise as well as identifying the muscles being used and exploring the reasoning behind, and the health benefits of, the various stretches and movements covered. All welcome.

Tutor – Terry Beevers – Fee £84.70 or Free

Venue – Quaker Friends Meeting House, 27 Ashgate Road, Chesterfield, S40 4AG

Date – Monday 10:00a.m. – 12:00pm, 11 meetings from 09 April 2018

Further information is available at:

or call 0300 303 3464 for telephone enrolment.