Each week we will study in-depth two works of art. The works will be by different artists who may have been contemporaries, possibly rivals, or simply members of a movement. Alternatively they may be separated by hundreds of years. The works themselves may be famous or obscure. They may share common themes or subject matter, compositional approaches, or some external link. You will have no prior knowledge of the works and will therefore explore the possible connections between the two works and their creators from scratch. You will have access to primary sources, other works by the artists, and critical analysis to help you discuss and formulate ideas. This study in microcosm will enable you to find out about

Tutor: Bob Moulder – Fee: £61.60 or free

Venue: WEA Centre, 1 Stand Road, Whittington Moor, Chesterfield, S41 8SW

Date: Thursday 10:00 -12pm, 8 meetings from 11 January 2018

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Call 0300 303 3464 for telephone bookings