To give students the opportunity to explore and evaluate different philosophical ways of understanding wisdom and its relationship to knowledge and the question of how to lead a good life

Wisdom has had a changeable history in philosophy. In Ancient Greece, to become a philosopher meant to become wise. But much of current academic study of the subject just sees Philosophy as a set of thinking tools. This course explores what it means to be wise; the relationship between wisdom and knowledge, and between wisdom and intelligence; and the view of wisdom in Philosophy. Examples from the history of Western (and some Eastern) philosophy will be used.

Knowledge of Philosophy is not expected.

Tutor: Bettina Lange – Fee: £53.90 or free

Venue: WEA Centre, 1 Stand Road, Whittington Moor, Chesterfield, S41 8SW

Date: Tuesday 7:00 – 9pm, 7 meetings from 23 January 2018

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