The course will provide you with a broad, introductory understanding of astronomy and the universe, while taking you on a journey starting with the Earth and explaining the essential building blocks needed for life to exist. Next you will explore the solar system and the Milky Way, moving onto look at the observable universe and current views about what the universe is made of. Einstein’s theory of relativity and the Big Bang will also be part of our study. You will learn about the night sky and how to make sense of it as well common types of telescopes, and may have the chance to use a special telescope to look at the Sun. It may also be possible to visit a local observatory subject to availability.

Tutor – Mark Eustace – Fee £53.90 or Free

Venue – WEA Chesterfield, Stand Road, Chesterfield, S41 8SW

Date – Wednesday 1.00 – 3:00pm, 7 meetings from 24 January 2018

Online enrolment available at:

or call 0300 303 3464 for telephone enrolment.